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As realtors who specialized in working with seniors, Jodi Laliberte and Katherine B. Francis created a business with three branches to assist clients with the full circle of their needs in liquidating their homes’ contents.

Through OEA Realty, we have the ability to sell the home and broker the purchase of a new property. We typically stage a home for sale with furnishings being left behind, augmented by store-owned merchandise. When the home sells, the remaining furnishings come to Odds & Ends Again for resale – a great benefit for a home seller.

In our second branch of the business, Sort Toss Pack, we work in teams to help our clients make choices for the disposition of their home furnishings and decor when preparing to move or going through a de-cluttering process. All of our team members are carefully trained to provide compassionate, professional, respectful, and reliable service. Our clients have included downsizing homeowners, executors of a family member’s estate, hoarders – the full range of clients who need to clear a home, for whatever reason.

Our Sort Toss Pack team separates a home’s contents into basic categories – possessions to keep/pack/move, items to donate to charity, stuff to toss or recycle, and furniture/decor for transfer to Odds & Ends Again.

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Address: 1080 W. County Road E
Shoreview, MN 55126

Phone: (651) 717-4323

Email: jodi@oddsandendsagain.com